Does the World Really Need Another Blog?

Before I started writing that was my main question, and I obviously ultimately answered in the affirmative.

Here’s why I’m writing:

1. I took a new position as Vice President of Retail Strategy at ForeSee Results, and I felt writing a blog would be a good way to formulate and disperse my thoughts on retail strategy, retail trends and other issues retailers face on a daily basis.

2. As I looked for blogs that discussed retail strategy from the management/executive perspective, I was surprised by the relative dearth of blogs on the topic.

3. I hope the conversations here will help me stay tightly connected to the retail world and will help us all connect with each other on the challenges we face day in and day out.

Shaken-not-stirred-copy Why Retail: Shaken, Not Stirred? Because I hope to shake things up a little, and if this blog discussion could be half as good as some of the conversations we’ve had over drinks in bars at various conferences, I will consider it wildly successful. 🙂

While I’ll discuss customer satisfaction and other related metrics at times, I will not do so because I work for Foresee Results (and certainly promise not to make sales pitches) but because I passionately believe successful strategies strongly consider customer value and customer input and are built on learnings from solid, statistically significant data. In fact, my passion for building quality retail services for customers based on direct customer input and my general data geekiness are some of the primary reasons I decided to join Foresee Results.

Topics I’m planning to cover in the coming weeks include:

  • Retail innovations
  • Usability mindset
  • Tools to make your customers your best marketers
  • Business math and KPIs
  • How to communicate metrics throughout the organization
  • How to communicate new ideas to upper management
  • Hot retail trends
  • The value of Voice of Customer
  • Twitter – does it have value for retail?
  • Facebook – what is the value for retail?
  • Cross-channel strategies
  • Cross-channel organizational design
  • Business book reviews

I’m looking forward to some robust discussions.

How do you like my suggested topics? What else would you like to see discussed?


  • By Eric Head, June 24, 2009 @ 9:49 am

    Welcome aboard, Kevin! My vote for your new blog name was “Retail: On the Rocks”…this would certainly be an accurate depiction of the state of the Retail industry these days. And as you well know, staying true to your customer (and potential customer) will help you navigate away from jagged rocks in these stormy economic times.

  • By Sarah, June 24, 2009 @ 1:58 pm

    Hopefully retail won’t be on the rocks for long, though! And it will always be fun to drink. 🙂
    Kevin, do you have thoughts on when we’ll see some significant rebounding for retail?

  • By Jason, July 10, 2009 @ 9:40 am

    Small typo on this page:
    Facebook – what is *thevalue* for retail?

  • By Kevin Ertell, July 10, 2009 @ 1:10 pm

    Thanks for pointing out the type, Jason. It’s now fixed.

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